The Justice Conference

The Justice Conference is a global movement encouraging thousands of Christ-followers to live out the message of Jesus and transform their communities by making justice a way of life. The Justice Conference takes place in  seven countries around the world, each engaging with issues relevant to its context and uniting thousands of Christians. 

 The second UK conference will be held on 21st & 22nd February, 2020

We’ll be gathering those who share a concern for the vulnerable and oppressed and hold a determination to be peace-builders and hope-bringers in their day-to-day lives.

Two days of worship, keynotes, creativity and discussion we’ll explore the theology of justice, that God’s love compels love for others, and wrestle with the burning issues of our time. Together we’ll become better reconcilers, restorers, and redeemers in Christ.

It’s an event for everyone, from all expressions and denominations of church. We celebrate diversity and we believe it is the call of every follower of Jesus to join with Him in the ministry of reconciliation and restoration.

How did The Justice Conference start? 


The Justice Conference UK is hosted by Tearfund, in partnership with many other charities and organisations.

What's the background to the conference logo?  
The Justice Conference logo came from a poster created for the very first conference in Bend, Oregon in 2011, although the poster art was actually finalised and printed as art pieces earlier in February of 2010. 


The art juxtaposes an African girl, depicting strength and dignity, and a flower emanating from barb wire, representing beauty from ashes, hope and overcoming. The formal logo is snipped out of the flower and barbed wire. It was created in 2011, along with the typography, and put into the circle in early 2014. The Justice Conference logo has been used globally since then.