Over two days of worship, keynotes, creativity and discussion we’ll explore the theology of justice — that God’s love compels love for others — and wrestle with the burning issues of our time. Together we’ll become better reconcilers, restorers, and redeemers in Christ.

We’ll grapple with the theology of justice and look to scripture for practical ways to bring God’s transformative kingdom to the communities around us. There’ll be keynotes from leading voices in the UK and beyond, as well as breakout sessions that unpack topics in more detail. You can also expect discussion panels and quickfire short talks from practitioners pursuing Justice in different spheres of society.

But it’s not all talk. More importantly, there’ll be space to pray, reflect and seek God’s calling of how you outwork biblical justice in your life. We seek to reconcile justice and worship, searching for where creativity and compassion collide, giving Him room in our lives to inspire us to be game-changers.

Registration opens at 8:30am on Friday 21st February 2020. The first session starts at 10.00am. The last session on Friday ends at approximately 9:30pm. The last session on Saturday ends at approximately 6.30pm


Micah Bournes at TJC 2018

Jenny Flannagan at TJC 2018